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February 7, 2010

Gel Pens – Once Touted To Fight Fraud…

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Today during my daily review of emails and fraud awareness updates, I received an article from a fellow professional in the fight against fraud. To my surprise, a once touted fraud prevention tool, the Gel Pen, has now become a tool for embezzlement.

Let’s go back a few years. Remember the scare about “washed” checks because of ball-point pen ink? That was when the Gel Pen came into our lives. And now there are several kinds available for use. Some of you may know a version called the erasable pen. Many use them for crossword puzzles and balancing the checkbook. But it seems that not all Gel Pens are alike.

In Steve Pednault’s article, Still Writing Manual Checks? What Pens Do You Use?, he has discovered that the ink will disappear with heat leaving a now almost blank check to use. While I don’t believe in telling people how to steal or commit fraud. I think that awareness is key to making informed decisions. Here is the link to his article and an article he recommended about the Pilot Gel Pen. Read for yourself and think about what you are using at work and at home.¬†Thanks Steve for your shared insight.


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