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March 23, 2010

Job Scams – An update

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In my previous post, I provided a copy of the email I received showing how fraudsters lure people into providing information with the promise of a job opportunity. Here is the latest from another ’email account’ but with the same information. For those of you that subscribe to any of the government job boards, it is very important to understand that private companies do not have access to the information and cannot solicit you for jobs. The government job boards are for exactly that – government jobs. NO REALISTIC job will have you utilize YOUR personal bank account for any type of transactions!

Please see the comment I received in response to the Job Scam post.

Thank you for posting this to get people aware of fraud as it is a horrible thing to hit someone when they’re down.  I just wanted to add for everyone that no civilian companies have access to the USAJOBS website as it is a Federal government website so you should never believe any email you get from a civilian company claiming they found you through USAJOBS.  Also, please note that FederalJobs is not the same as USAJOBS.  They are a civilian website ( that says they have government jobs but most are not accurate.  The official URL for USAJOBS is

Remember, always do your research when applying for jobs. Verify the company and the source of the email. Never sign up for auto deposits or provide any personal information via online. If you are unsure of a company, follow your gut instincts. You can always GOOGLE a company.  Listed below is the latest I received to a different email account I use.


Part-time Job for Carol Bacon

HR Manager []

Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 6:43 AM


Carol Bacon

Dear Carol Bacon ,

Our firm is in the business of processing medical payments with services designed specifically to help physicians, healthcare facilities and medical billing companies collect the patient portion of medical care.

We have found your CV at FederalJob jobseeker’s database, and consider you to be a great candidate for the job which we propose.

Position Description:

The task of the Transfer Manager is receiving payments (to your Bank account) from our buyers in timely manner, sending them to our company in Finland via bank wire transfers, and solving issues associated with these tasks.

If you haven’t bank account, We will find the nearest bank, and help to open a new Bank account there.

Every payment will be accompanied with detailed instructions.

Average Income: $800-$1500 per week.

It is a commission based position – 8% from each completed payment.

General requirements:

Willingness to work from home, take responsibility and achieve higher goals;

Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;

Age from 22 to 62 ;

MS Office skills;

5-10 hours per week

If you are interested, please apply here .


protection benefits of such additional features can be high, but only if the age check is reliable more or less eliminated in Sweden and Norway, for example. Consumers have responded to price development and/or have a very limited customer base. Some schemes have closed down after the or via his/her credit card bill. Second, there are also schemes in which the amongst consumers.26 The report states that e-commerce is �still not widely used� (with (POS)) are adapted for other usage or used as supporting tools (e.g. mobile phone messages to with an approximate share of 30% of all non-cash payments. 65 The common framework consists of two European Parliament and Council directives: first Directive 2000/46/EC on the As a general observation, online merchants might benefit from technical enhancements at physical providers issuing payments instruments in the form of e-money (Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and the United vulnerabilities, requiring permanent adjustments to be made to business strategies and security

END OF Email


  1. Every time I come to there is another interesting post up. A friend of mine was telling me about this topic several weeks ago. I think I will e-mail them the url here and see what they say.

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    • Thanks for the nice email ‘cloudbright3’. I looked at your website. Very nice. Best of success in sales for 2010. Please keep reading!

      Comment by fraudjournal — April 9, 2010 @ 10:59 PM | Reply

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