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April 24, 2013

ZeekRewards – How The Cons Play on Fears and Hope

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Mitch Weiss, PA Writer at USAToday, posted an article “ZeekRewards scam leaves N.C. town millions poorer“, on March 30th this year to share the pain and embarrassment of the residents of Lexington, North Carolina. In this touching article there are the warnings, voiced anger and frustration, and lessons of how fraudsters repeatedly use various scams on the public. The key word of choice from all victims is “…we trusted…” him or her or the company or the family.

Trust is a word that comes from the source of our soul. It is what we use to describe a direct connection to any person, place or event we choose to open ourselves towards, and here is the caveat, with an anticipated return or reward for this ‘trust’. Unfortunately, the very nature of trust indicates that any return is actually not promised; it is solely in the hand of those or the individual we trust. We trust our family, friends, neighbors, employers or employees and the list go on. Which brings me to my point; why do we do this? Have we become so disconnected from our instincts that we are unable to see the snake in the grass, the odd reflection in the mirror, or the subtle nature of the predator in wait.

Any investigator will tell you that truth is like fake gold; the shimmer albeit indicative of gold is not the promise of gold. Truth requires both patience and quiet of mind to hear it. It is that quiet glint that says to you, wait…you need to check this again. One of the victims in this article thought she had done her due diligence. She drove to the location to verify it was indeed a valid business entity and saw the line outside the door of people willing to offer funds to invest while the getting was good. But here in lies the rub, her first instinct was right, her second action was not based on instinct but on desire to join the crowd. And cons love crowds. Why? Because crowds are easier to control. Because collectively they become the bait-ball that predators can take a run at.

Much like the great Ponzi scams of the century, once the fraudster is caught, they will always say, “…you shouldn’t have let it get this far”. And they are right. But only on that point, they are still accountable for their actions and not our gullibility. However, there is always someone who cries “…the Emperor has no clothes on!” And they are quieted or ignored because we seek the lucky find that changes our lives and makes life easier to live. Its more fun to boast we struck it rich than do the work.

So I ask you then, is a mindful life really that difficult? Are we that fearful of poverty or keeping up with the world or the lack of opportunity that we are driven like lemmings to follow the barker of the carnival of promises and cures? When are we as the general public also responsible for our unwilling to slow down and ask the hard question; what is impulsing me to take this chance? What am I risking? And does the rush of my fellow friends and family a good thing or a fear of missing out.

It is sad that when we are down in the spirit, hurting and in need of hope that some group or individual offers the promise of false hope at the cost of our hearts. However, in times of broken hearts or wishful thinking, this is the most important time for us to stop, look, listen to our heart of hearts and ask the hard question…what impulse am I following.

Be safe my colleagues and friends. There are no promises of fame and fortune. What we sow we shall surely reap. It may take time if we dawdle here and there, but the universe can only send us what our hearts ask for – an easy ride with no foundation or the gradual and stable building of a future.



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